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“All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was.” - Toni Morrison

Swimming Ponds

Ponds and Swimming Ponds

Swim in every comfort

Our goal for every project is to stand out of the ordinary. We can reach this goal by having an eye for detail in every stap of the process of creating and building a pond. this al in connection with de building and its surroundings. The main character of this story is the composition of the water. It has no secrets for us thanks to Lieven, one of the managers of Ecoworks.

A question that a lot of people ask us is : Is a swimming pond as comfortable as a swimming pool? The answer to that is YES! Not only that, it is more than that. thanks to the biological purification you reduce your electricity bill and the maintenance cost is a lot lower.

We build something beautifull

At Ecoworks there are 2 styles for a swimming pond : the organic swimming pond and the modern swimming pond.

A modern swimming pond combines the looks of a traditional swimming pool with the comfort of one. An other name for it is a Hybride-swimmingpool. There are a lot of options as well : heating, covering by rolling shutter, lighting or even a jet stream. The way we filter our swimming ponds has multiple options as well.

An organic swimming pond embraces its surroundings. we try to create one that looks like if it was put there by nature. 

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