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Ecoworks is a story that started with four friends : Sander, Tim, Lieven & John. They all grow up in the same neighbourhood. John and Tim studied together in Leuven and at their student flat the first office of Ecoworks saw the light.

When they where teenagers they already thought about it to start a compony, in the beginning the idea was to start a pub or a nightclub, luckily the idea changed to a company that wanted to bring back nature to this grey world.

Spring 2006 : Lieven graduated as a biologist.but the search for a job didn't went that well. One day they all brainstormed about potentials in a garden. John convinced his parents to do a test trial in their garden : a pond in a steep slope.

It wasn't their best construction if you look at it, but 8 years later the pond still stands. the important part that they learn their was : It was fun!  to solve problems, rolling up their sleeves and build something. They quickly sat together afterwords for their next project.

On the first of january 2007 Ecoworks started! Carefully! because John & Tim where still in school and Sander signed a contract at Deloitte. So the only person there was Lieven and Thomas. In 2008 John, Tim & Vincent made their master thesis about Ecoworks, that way they could build the necessary marketing, communication skills and promo material for their company.  It was a year with big grow.

John chose after his school in june 2008 to fully go for Ecoworks. Sander decided to gave up his promising job at Deloitte. you can imagine that our parent weren't amused by this decision. That year Yannick joined the company as landscape architect. Because of him the knowledge about architecture and plants expand. and so on they could expand their perspective of the company by adding greenroofs en green walls to their range of products.

They are ready for the big jobs. with that attitude they went to Batibouw where they won 2 awards : communication & Eco award. The result? Interviews, magazines, newspapers and a sales growth of 100% throughout 2009! That year we got support from our coaches : Wim Van Assche, Danny Miloen & Luc Robijns. We learned a lot from them!

In 2010 we changed our contractors with our own staff and the offices got a new location in Vilvoorde. At the moment we are a team of 16 people. together we aim for improvement. Our ambitions stay big, we want to expand as far as we can reach. We want to grow as a compony with values and try to be an example for modern, qualitative and ecological green construction.

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