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The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Vision and Mission


Ecoworks has a goal : to take of the nature in our environment and give it more attention. We want to give nature a chance to grow in our crowded en densely builded cities. But at the same time we want to protect the nature. How? with durable and ecological solutions!

No surprise then when we tell you that durability and social responsibility is number one on our list. But what does it mean? We invest in a good construction and placement as well as in the good use of our materials and products. Our staff are the roots of this company and we try to provide them with a good workspace where there is room to put their talents & knowledge in use. 


We have a mission : To give the nature a place in our modern environment thanks to greenroofs, greenwalls, ecogardens and swimming ponds. We create biodiversity on places where there was non. but how do we do it. With our Reed marshes we try to prevent and stop discharging wastewater in nature. All our products are based on ancient laws of nature.

We work together with 'Natuurpunt'. We donate 10% of our profit to their organisation. They conserve and strengthen nature in nature reserves and Ecoworks does that in Gardens en cities.

What do we try to reach with our goals?

With the greenroofs we try to give the lost places in the city a new place for nature and green.

With an intensive roof you give the meaning of the roof a whole new function. you create a centre of attraction for the city centre. 

We use an extensive greenroof to get back the biodivirsity we lost and recover it. it also provides a nice view for people to look at. It reduces the fine particles and helps to absurd the rainwater.

Greenwalls can give the city a green vision. Wouldn't it be great to shop between walls with flowering plants?

Swimming ponds are a logical alternative to integrate water in the garden. It uses natural water en purifies itself thanks to basic laws of nature.

Did you know that 25% of the homes in Belgium doesn't have a sewer system? We only need 15 square meters to create a reed march that purifies your wastewater. 

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